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How to Sync and Share Files Securely in a Working Hybrid Environment

Professional workplaces have evolved tremendously over the last decade. We have transitioned from working solely in standard office settings, to working in hybrid environments. If you haven’t guessed already, a hybrid working environment includes employees who work, primarily in an office space; work both in the office and remotely; or only work remotely. Businesses can [...]

Protect Your Files from Human Error

You know the feeling when you’ve worked long and hard on a project for yourself or a client, and your device decides to fail you by not saving the latest version? Losing files and, in the process, wasting time and energy can be quite frustrating. We’ve seen it a thousand times, and we understand! The [...]

Remote Monitoring and Management (DATTO)

Whether you have a big IT budget or not, you can’t afford computer system downtime. Through Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software, you can be confident that your devices and operating systems are well protected against ransomware threats and cyber attack, while also running your systems appropriately and efficiently.  With RMM you have someone monitoring [...]

Running out of space for your files?

Data storage might be a real sore spot for many businesses – backing up years of company files, ensuring client information is secured, choosing between hardware and cloud-based storage and establishing various access levels for all the employees. Regardless of the type of business you have and the size of your business – data storage [...]

Data Storage Solutions

Computing plays an increasing role in all industries. Staff need to contend with limited resources and shrinking budgets but still deliver fast results. Many businesses are being challenged by the need to store and manage ever increasing amounts of data and provide teams with powerful, flexible infrastructure solutions. Traditional storage solutions such as physical file [...]

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Two Monitors are Better Than One

Are you looking into improving your employees’ productivity? According to Wichita State University Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) study to research impacts of dual monitor configuration on office workers/employees’ productivity and satisfaction, one way of improving business processes in your company, is upgrading your monitor configuration to dual monitors. Study Finds in Numbers: Dual monitor [...]

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Ease of remote access

Let the IT professionals worry about it If we take a look back even as little as 5 years ago, remote access was generally reserved for IT professionals. The average user is still unaware of the relative ease with which this wonderful feature can be setup, and just how beneficial it can be. But I’m [...]

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Are you protected against disaster?

Develop an effective backup strategy Many small to medium-sized businesses fail to have an effective back-up strategy to protect themselves from disaster. It is a fact that all hard drives will eventually fail. Whether it be hardware failure, software glitches or natural disaster, chances are most businesses will experience some kind of data loss in [...]

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