If you are a restaurant (or perhaps bar or diner) owner, your business is making a great impact on your city – restaurants are the hearts of our communities and an important part of the country’s trades. With the majority of them located in smaller communities, restaurants bring jobs and income to parts of Canada that need it the most. Casual dining also remains a Canadian favourite pastime regardless of age, income or geographic location – on average Canadians are eating out almost twice a week. This way, if restaurant business is so economically important and loved by public, why not use it to your marketing advantage with a little help from modern technology?

Make your customers happy with valuable deals.

You already know that Canadians love eating out. Make them love eating out at your place. Deals, promotions, contests, discounts, specials, seasonal menus – all of these are tried and tested ways of getting customers through the door and inspiring them to stay longer and therefore spend more. Some restaurant owners don’t do promotions because of its complicity – they have to track it, possibly adjust menu, have to train staff and make sure they know how to give out and apply promotions. But certain restaurant POS systems can do it for you and then provide you with a report on the promotion’s efficiency – this means that you can spend more time running the fun part of your business.

Promotions can apply for everyone, or target each customer individually – for example some POS systems allow you to create prompts that pop-up at the time of a customer placing an order, offering matched sides or drinks.

Give extra loyalty boost to your regulars.

All of us love when we get special treatment. Being recognized at places and offered your regular before you’ve even had a chance to ask for it, creates a special connection and great loyalty between the business and its customers. Now you can give that special treatment with the use of technology. Many restaurant POS systems allow you to create customer profiles, including their favourite items on menu, allergies and order histories. Even new staff members will be able to offer your best customers “the usual” and treat them as familiars.

Integrating with Social Media

Have happy customers? That’s your greatest marketing asset – turn them into more happy customers! Create an offer they can share on social media. For example, customers can refer their social media friends by posting a referral code on their pages and by sending private messages. Social media will track when referral code is used and process the reward. Photo campaigns can be another great way to get to your customers’ pages – set a point value and hashtag and your customers will earn rewards by sharing photos on social media.

It’s just a tip of the iceberg. POS also brings you such benefits as cutting your infrastructure costs, less clutter, more coverage and reliability and increased order efficiency and payment speed. Learn about these and other benefits of POS by calling VS Technology at 705-475-0323