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Remote Monitoring and Management (DATTO)

Whether you have a big IT budget or not, you can’t afford computer system downtime. Through Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software, you can be confident that your devices and operating systems are well protected against ransomware threats and cyber attack, while also running your systems appropriately and efficiently.  With RMM you have someone monitoring [...]

Annual Technology Planning

Gone are the days of storing information on paper files and manual systems. We now rely on technology to help us strengthen and streamline operations and keep data organized. However, technology has a shelf life and it’s important to know the lifespan of your devices and operating systems. Do you know the lifespan of your [...]


What you need to know to keep your system safe Persistency in cyber and ransomware attacks are a continuous threat to your networks and systems. A breach in your security can lead to data loss and compromises sensitive and confidential information on your customer and financial information. Without high level security and 24/7 monitoring and [...]

Remote Monitoring and Management

With IT helpdesk support you have someone monitoring and managing your networks and systems 24/7 from a secure and remote access. Helpdesk Support – remote monitoring and management (RMM) serves to: Detect and address potential issues before critical system failure Protect you with world-class security software Ensure optimal network stability Eliminate disruptions to daily operations [...]

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VS Group Divisions Collaboration Help Clients Be Successful

We know from first-hand experience that not all clients are experts in planning cash flow, doing bookkeeping, establishing a successful marketing plan, and making sure their network and devices run efficiently. That is why together – VS Accounting, VS Marketing, VS Technology and VS Municipal Solutions – we offer the expertise, services and tools businesses [...]

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6 Ways to Prevent Spoofing Attacks

With Spoofing attacks becoming increasingly more common and posing a security threat, it is important to protect yourself and your personal data. Here are six ways of preventing spoofing attacks. Turn on your Spam Filter By turning on your spam filter, it will prevent most spoofed emails from coming into your inbox. Check for Poor [...]

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COVID-19: How to Use Technology to Support Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on public health since the virus erupted in the spring 2020, but it also had a major economic disruption on large and small businesses. Businesses have had to face a broad range of issues from dealing with temporary closures, keeping their employees and customers safe, re-thinking operations and [...]

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Are You Using Zoom Safely?

With the increasing demand to work remotely, the use of tools like Zoom (or other online platforms) has become increasingly important, and as a result the apps are becoming quite a bit more popular.  You may have heard, in the news, about Zoom Bombing, which is when somebody hacks into your chat stream, often shouting [...]

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New Year’s IT Resolutions

We all have those little computer related tasks, which we want to do from time-to-time, but never seem to find time to do it. That’s why VS Technology has prepared this list of New Year’s IT Resolutions. Start your new year by making sure, that you’re all set for smooth and trouble-less work!   Sort [...]

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