Why should I consider Remote Monitoring and Management?

Detect Issues before they cause crises or critical system failure

Eliminate disruptions to your daily operations

Ensure optimal network stability

Ensure better end-user productivity

Enhance the performance of your devices and servers

Protect your business with world-class security software

As a Managed Service Provider, our top priority is managing client network and technology assets to keep them safe and optimized. Working with us means we take responsibility for managing information technology so your business can use it productively. Our role includes everything from keeping software updated and data backed up to protecting you from cybersecurity threats.

What is Remote Monitoring and Management?

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) allows us to securely access your company’s network to perform routine maintenance, apply security fixes, and troubleshoot issues with PCs, servers, and network devices.

We can address potential issues before they become a problem because we have the ability to monitor your businesses’ devices, applications, and systems continuously. In fact, we can resolve many common issues proactively before they actually affect your network.

Among the most important of those, is detecting ransomware infections and preventing them from spreading. For any computer on your network to be infected is bad, but there is a huge difference between one computer being infected versus every computer, including servers containing customer and financial data.
The award-winning RMM solution from our partner Datto can detect anomalous behavior and automatically isolate infected computers, limiting the damage. To be clear, it’s better to block these intrusions up front.

However, attackers are so persistent that security experts recommend a layered defense, including strategies for mitigating the impact of infections and maintaining ransomware-free backups. This is where Remote Monitoring and Management come into play.

How does it work?

Step 1: We meet and learn about your business inside and out.

Step 2: We figure out what you need and what your budget is so we can personalize your support.

Step 3: We build a plan for monitoring.

Step 4: We assign a team lead.

Step 5: We get to work!

To ensure the reliability of your systems and the safety of your business data, contact us today.

We can find the technology that works for your company. Call us today.