Website Hosting

Creating a website and making it available to the public requires several separate pieces to be in place, like securing a domain name so people can reach your website, getting a hosting service to allow your website to be visible on the web, email services so people can communicate with you, etc. Some of the hosting services that VS Technology provides are:

  • Domain management
  • Website hosting
  • Email services
  • SSL certificates

The Domain Name is what allows people to reach your website using a human-friendly name. VS Technology provides Domain Management services to secure domain names for clients as well as manage them afterwards so that the domain name remains available until the client no longer requires the website.

Web Hosting is what allows your website to be made available on the web. It includes things like storage space to store the files that make up the website, bandwidth usage that allows users to access your website, databases to allow the data your website uses to be securely stored and made available on demand, among other services. VS Technology provides Windows or Linux based hosting, depending on the technologies or platform the website is using, to provide the maximum compatibility with whatever your requirements are.

VS Technology also provides email services, be it POP-based email or web-based email like Outlook 365.  Need your website to be secured? VS Technology can acquire an SSL certificate, install it, then maintain it to make sure that it is always available to keep your content secured.

Application Hosting

Do you have a need to share applications and/or data among multiple locations? VS Technology provides solutions to host applications and/or data in the cloud so that applications can be accessed remotely and data shared.

Domains & hosting – What are they?

Depending on your target market, one of the most vitally important aspects of running a successful business can be owning and operating your own website.

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