Are you looking into improving your employees’ productivity? According to Wichita State University Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) study to research impacts of dual monitor configuration on office workers/employees’ productivity and satisfaction, one way of improving business processes in your company, is upgrading your monitor configuration to dual monitors.

Study Finds in Numbers:

  • Dual monitor users are 18% more efficient – users complete tasks at hand quicker and with more accuracy with dual monitor configuration
  • Dual monitor users switch windows 15% less frequently – allows users to view and compare more information simultaneously, improve task accuracy and overall efficiency
  • 91% of users said they are more satisfied with dual monitor configuration over single monitor configuration

Other benefits of having multiple monitors:

  • Dual monitor setups allow employees to display more information at one time, providing more flexibility and visual real estate for arranging active windows.
  • Employees will be able to simultaneously view and locate information more easily.
  • Employees can reduce windows switching and can better compare information simultaneously, reducing the effort it takes to catch and fix errors in real time.
  • As employees spend more time viewing information on screen, eyestrain can sap productivity and harm eye health. Dual monitor setups can help.

The study lead to next conclusions:

  • Monitor upgrades are low-cost hardware investments that can have big impacts on employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Multi-monitor configuration allows office workers to multi-task with multiple applications (e.g., word processing or spreadsheet on one screen and email on the other)
  • For office workers where information is a large part of their workflow, dual monitor configurations are a must

Even though this research isn’t widely spread among business owners, most of businesses intuitively switch to larger monitor setup with several screens:

  • Businesses are moving toward providing employees with more screen real estate, either via larger screen size or via dual monitors
  • Price competition ensures that IT buyers can get larger screen sizes at the same or lower price points with each subsequent refresh
  • Average screen size is projected to increase to 21.6” in 2019

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