We know from first-hand experience that not all clients are experts in planning cash flow, doing bookkeeping, establishing a successful marketing plan, and making sure their network and devices run efficiently.

That is why together – VS Accounting, VS Marketing, VS Technology and VS Municipal Solutions – we offer the expertise, services and tools businesses need to operate successfully under one roof.

Recently, VS Technology and VS Accounting worked together to help a local client with its payroll software.


Moore Propane

Moore Propane – a company based in North Bay approached our accounting division to help with their payroll as the software they were using at the time wasn’t working for their needs.

VS Accounting spent some time researching for the right payroll software and they found Deluxe Payroll – Canada’s longest running uninterrupted payroll service.

They thought it was exactly what Moore Propane needed to handle their payroll efficiently and effortlessly.

That’s when VS Technology comes in.



Once Moore Propane agreed to try Deluxe Payroll, the accounting team asked for two quotes to IT – one for three Apple Ipads and another one for three Android tablets.

Once Moore Propane received the quotes and made the decision to move forward with Apple, someone from IT picked up the Ipads.

VS Accounting and VS Technology collaborated together to set up Deluxe Payroll on the Ipads and making sure the client was properly set up for its payroll and time systems.

This is only one of the many occasions we were able to collaborate together between all divisions or some of them to help our clients.

We take pride in our interdisciplinary and bilingual team and our proactive approach working together and with our clients by involving them in every step of the process.