Running out of space for your files?

Data storage might be a real sore spot for many businesses – backing up years of company files, ensuring client information is secured, choosing between hardware and cloud-based storage and establishing various access levels for all the employees. Regardless of the type of business you have and the size of your business – data storage [...]

Data Storage Solutions

Computing plays an increasing role in all industries. Staff need to contend with limited resources and shrinking budgets but still deliver fast results. Many businesses are being challenged by the need to store and manage ever increasing amounts of data and provide teams with powerful, flexible infrastructure solutions. Traditional storage solutions such as physical file [...]

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Want To Hear Something Scary?

Let’s talk about something really SPOOKY today. Like growing amount of Internet scams this year. Today’s IT threats are global, highly dynamic and continue to dramatically increase. Below are just some quick facts and numbers from Webroot 2016 Threat Brief ( Malicious IP Currently there are more than 12 million high-risk IP addresses on the [...]

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Car company speeds production by 75%

Protecting intellectual property while improving productivity with a next-generation firewall and wireless access points. Customer profile: Briggs Automotive Company (BAC), automotive manufacturer from United Kingdom BAC is a British sports car manufacturing company based in the UK. The company's first vehicle is the Mono, first road-legal single-seat supercar in the World, created with the intention [...]

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Big brother is watching you

Protect your privacy online Most people are concerned about protecting their privacy, but how many actually take any steps to do so on the internet? Maybe they aren't aware of the extent of tracking and spying that takes place online. It is much more pervasive than you might think. In most cases, it is used [...]

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Domains & hosting – What are they?

No idea where to start? Here is some information to get you started   Depending on your target market, one of the most vitally important aspects of running a successful business can be owning and operating your own website. The issue many business owners have, however, is that they have no idea how to go [...]

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Are you protected against disaster?

Develop an effective backup strategy Many small to medium-sized businesses fail to have an effective back-up strategy to protect themselves from disaster. It is a fact that all hard drives will eventually fail. Whether it be hardware failure, software glitches or natural disaster, chances are most businesses will experience some kind of data loss in [...]

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Keeping your smartphone secure

Peace of mind while still using your phone to it's full potential You’ve just put your new smartphone back in your pocket. In the last half hour you’ve paid your bills, posted on Facebook, exchanged emails, setup appointments, and searched for the newest and most entertaining APPs. “This thing is amazing!” you think to yourself [...]

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