Protecting intellectual property while improving productivity with a next-generation firewall and wireless access points.

Customer profile:

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC), automotive manufacturer from United Kingdom

BAC is a British sports car manufacturing company based in the UK. The company’s first vehicle is the Mono, first road-legal single-seat supercar in the World, created with the intention to create a pure driving experience with a central-seat format. Since its launch in 2011, Mono has received numerous awards and approval from many industry experts around the Globe. Quick success made the company think about its IT security and performance to satisfy needs of a fast growing company.

IT needs of an expanding company

As most other companies, BAC started as a family business with just couple of staff using their own laptops. With few staff and uncertain future, company’s needs were met with just usage of Internet and DropBox to share files. But as success “struck”, the organisation rapidly grew, hiring more staff to work from different places, connecting with each other and transferring the company’s key asset – intellectual property – using unsecured Internet channels. Additionally, interns and consultants started working with BAC for short periods of time, while receiving access to most areas of the business, jeopardizing security of company’s most valuable competitive advantage.

The company also desperately needed to improve its WiFi capabilities. Manufacturing often ground to a halt when access to the internet was unavailable, which was poorly reflecting on the communication in the production team, taking factory staff 3 to 4 times longer than it should have to do their jobs, which poorly reflected on the production.

New Chief Operating Officer of BAC Mark Rayner realized the importance of securing the company’s IP as well as creating IT infrastructure, which would truly support the business’ needs and growth. “…it was vital that we took immediate steps to create a secure IT environment appropriate for our organisation,” says Rayner. “We were not even able to see, for instance, who had viewed corporate data or whether data had been copied onto an external drive.” Under his leadership, company turned to Dell’s solutions for business.


To improve IT security and productivity, BAC turned its’ attention to Dell SonicWALL TZ 215 next-generation firewall. The TZ 215 delivers comprehensive protection by combining intrusion prevention and detection systems, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, content and URL filtering, anti-spam services.

Firewall’s intelligence and control feature ensures that bandwidth is available for business-critical applications by throttling or blocking unproductive applications. The TZ 215 also offers advanced traffic analytics and reporting for deep insight into bandwidth utilisation and security threats.


  • Protected the business and its IP with advanced wired and wireless network security
  • Increased manufacturing speed by 75% by ensuring easy access to design schematics and other data
  • Improved productivity enterprise-wide by enabling easy and secure collaboration

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