If you are a business owner, you must (and probably already did) ask yourself an important question – what would happen if my business’ website is accidentally deleted? Consequences of this disaster will touch several areas of your business: you will be immediately unavailable for your web clients, all potential web sales will fall through, all the effort and money for creating the website can be considered wasted. You’ll have to devote more resources to start over and quickly, meanwhile your business may be losing sales.

And these are the consequences for businesses that have standard websites (landing page and few informational pages). If your website does extra, for example it has any type of database – online stores, events, news, posts, emails – your damage grows exponentially. For certain companies losing a website might mean the end of their existence – just imagine what will happened, if Facebook loses all its profiles, conversations, posts and photos overnight?

Good news that preventative measures are simple and inexpensive, and there are many options out there, which can suite companies needs and comply with its budget. Most hosting companies offer at least some website back up services, and if your website is done by professionals, they will likely make sure that your website is backed up regularly.

How do you know if your website is backed up and when was the last time it was backed up? Don’t chance it – call us to make sure that your web assets are safe. Call us and we will guide you through various options such as daily, weekly or monthly backups, local or on the cloud.