With Spoofing attacks becoming increasingly more common and posing a security threat, it is important to protect yourself and your personal data.

Here are six ways of preventing spoofing attacks.

Turn on your Spam Filter

By turning on your spam filter, it will prevent most spoofed emails from coming into your inbox.

Check for Poor Grammar

Examine the emails you are getting. If you receive an email with signs of poor grammar or unusual sentence structure, it might be a spoofing attack. Make sure to double-check the email sender address and URL address of any website provided in the email.

Hover the URL before Clicking

If a URL provided in an email or message looks suspicious, simply hover your mouse over the link so you can see the full link and see where it is going to take you. Do not click on it if the full link looks suspicious.

Confirm Information with the Source

If an email, message or call seems suspicious, contact the sender to confirm whether or not the information you received is legitimate or not.

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

A great way to add another layer of protection on your passwords is to set-up two-factor authentication. It is not completely foolproof, but it does help. It is encouraged to consider other security precautions as well.

Download Cyber Security Software

The biggest defense against spoofing and scammers online is to install cybersecurity software. If you experience issues, download a malware removal or an antivirus software to protect your computer and personal data.

We are experts in our field and have experience with this type of situation. We can help you in a number of ways if you are constantly getting spoofing attacks and need to be properly protected.

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