Point of Sale (POS) equipment is the computer-based technology many businesses use to capture purchases and orders, record data, manage inventory and display or print receipts and tickets. No matter what type of business you are, a POS system is a must-have technology – numbers show that only 36% of POS users are retail, followed by restaurants (16%), health and medical (9%) and education (6%). Within this spread more than 28 billion transactions are made using POS systems in North America. And these numbers don’t surprise us – POS make daily operations smoother for any business.

POS Advantages:

  • Inventory management. First and most obvious of POS is inventory control – keeping track of your sales, ensuring that the right products are in stock, recording which items are selling fast and which aren’t moving, etc. Retailers record that just increasing stock levels of popular items, results in improved sales for those of up to 200%.
  • Reporting capabilities. While inventory management is the most obvious function, POS is being used for many other things. Survey results show that business owners’ favourite feature is customized reporting, the most used feature at 47% followed by Inventory Management at 46%. Our software offers you more than 40 reports to analyze employee and store performance, to align your purchasing decisions with customer demand and many more.
  • Customer relationship management. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers. Implementing CRM in a company offers an average return of $5.60 for every dollar spent. If you don’t have a CRM system implemented, good news – it could be part of your POS system.
  • Invoicing options. POS System can generate and a clear invoice requiring minimal input from your side, and supports such options as auto calculation, individual pricing and pre-order invoice.
  • Reduced time spent on manual operations. POS saves money for your business. POS users report up to 65% reduction in the man-hours. Reducing human errors, and saving time on audit are other ways of reducing human costs.

Benefits of working with VS Technology

VS Technology will take a look at your business needs, and will source and implement a POS system that will work for you.

We also offer:

  • Employee training
  • Technical support
  • Hardware and supplies

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